Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why Have Children - Part One

I took this photo of my daughter, Reyna Joy, four days ago with my cell phone and saved it as my phone's wallpaper. Ever since then I've pulled out my cell phone about ten times a day when I'm at work, school, etc. just to look at my two-month-old beauty. I love her more everyday.

In a world that has gone mad, why bring precious children into it? Richard O'Ffill says he advises couples its a risk worth taking. "They're the only thing you might be able to take with you to heaven."

Think about it.

What do you call yours that won't one day burn at Christ's second coming? You can't take your car, clothes, or CDs to heaven. As my friend Thomson Paris wrote in a great post, outside of character and souls there is nothing else you can take with you.

But to be more specific, what is mine that I can take? As much as I would like to lay claim to my friends, they really don't belong to me. Therefore, the closest thing I can claim as mine is my family and that strongest claim may be made about my girl Reyna, the one I'm responsible for Biblically, morally, and legally.

So when it comes to what you call "your's" or "mine", take a risk: Have children. Love them. Teach them. Disciple them. And pray they'll be good and faithful servants of the LORD and that they'll spend eternity with you.