Monday, February 23, 2009

Writer's Block

Since I left Southern last May, I've suffered an acute case of writer's block. Writing has always been a stiff struggle for me because I want to craft the perfect piece that makes people laugh out loud or cry with a torrent of tears.

I was able to write with regularity at Southern because I had to for my job in Southern's marketing department and as the school's opinion page editor of the Accent. In short, I did it for the money. Filthy lucre! But it killed me to write those boring, trite adverts for marketing, and those opinion pieces just to fill space in the Accent. I found that my creativity was replenished when I blogged. Blogging gave me a chance to cut loose without having to worry (too much) about style or substance (although I still want it to be perfect).

My favorite blogs always had to do with either making fun of my friends (especially Thomson, Christy, and Jeff) or some video that caught my attention on Youtube.

But after I left Southern, I started working as a Bible worker and I just didn't have time for anything else. When I did feel like blogging, again I found that pressure for publishing the perfect post and I have over two dozen blogs that are still in the draft stage.

Finally, at the behest of Thomson I've written this.

And for that, my many readers (i.e. all 2 or 3) may find themselves the subject of my poisonous pen.

Hope you're happy Thomson.

Yours Truly,