Thursday, July 3, 2008

Collegedale Church: Worship Renewal

According the Collegedale Church's website...
"There is also deep concern for a group of students, up to as many as 1000, who apparently do not attend church services anywhere in the greater Collegedale area and need to feel invited to have a church home here on campus. With the realization that this is such an important period of decision-making in the lives of these students, the need to make room for them is glaring and deeply felt. A proposed plan was presented to the board, thoroughly examined and discussed, then voted. It calls for a change in the morning schedule for Sabbath School and worship service."

Here is the video of Pastor John Nixon explaining the change.

Pastor Nixon says the church will work with Campus Ministries' Spiritual Life Team in developing the student-led worship.

I remember Jeff Tatarchuk sharing with me a year ago about his idea of SEYC and BWC working with Collegedale Church.... I wonder how the two ideas will differ.